Creation of national & international soccer academies

Our main goal is to create an academy that completes all the teaching techniques of soccer, adapting to the personal characteristics of each soccer player.

After studying, experiencing and observing numerous soccer academies in Spain and in various countries such as the US and China, we have analyzed their strengths and weaknesses, their characteristics and shortcomings... and this added to our experience as soccer players and coaches, has made us outline an academy model that is faithful to our culture, experience and passion for this sport.

The founding members of Soccer Academy of Spain are qualified specialists in the teaching and learning process of soccer players in all their training stages, from the earliest age (4 years) to amateur or professional development as a form and lifestyle.

Educational Plan: SAofS

  • Main goals of the academy
  • Principles and rules of behavior
  • Coaches duties
  • Teaching methodology
  • Training adapted to each stage and level of the soccer player
  • Evaluation of individualized sports performance
  • academy processes
  • Materials and technologies as an aid to the learning process

Our Philosophy: SAofS

  • Work method
  • Personalized attention to the athlete and family
  • game model
  • Promotion of young talents
  • Coaches training
  • Integration in the functioning of the academy
  • Talks and master class with sports psychologists, coaches and professional soccer players
  • Creation of group and school for parents
  • Training Schedule
  • Training methodology 

Action Plan

Action plan focused on developing and promoting  sports project model with the brand and seal of Soccer Academy of Spain


  • Training schedule, matches...
  • Meetings and attention to families
  • Coordinate the contingency plan
  • Ensure pedagogical compliance with the active methodology
  • Disseminate the values education plan
  • Monthly reports to management
  • Ensure the quality of service
  • Evaluation of COACHES
  • Regular meetings with COACHES
  • Design general sports plan


  • Annual memory
  • Databases
  • Material stock reports
  • Occupational risks / DEA
  • Communicate to families and Technical Staff
  • Administrative area
  • Assist Control. 
  • Supervise the sports security of the facilities. Anomaly reports.
  • Recruitment department
  • Meetings with the council and mayor of the city hall


  • Coordinate the protocol in the celebration of acts
  • loyalty campaigns
  • recruitment plan
  • Support in meetings (presentations...)
  • communication strategy
  • improvement strategies
  • Media and social media advertising
  • Production of videos and photos of the events
  • Programming sporting events
  • Growth strategy and projection. Search for sponsors.
  • club website