We are SAofS

Soccer Academy of Spain SL is a company with more than TWENTY years of experience providing all kinds of services directly related to the world of soccer, another sports.

SAOFS Identity

Our company is specialized in services oriented towards the teaching of soccer, soccer indoor and basketball mainly. Around these sports, we join in the training of coaches, the management of clubs and academies, in the coordination of work structures, the planning and organization of events, tournaments and sports camps as well as advising sports entities and even the recruitment of talents and their professional mmanagement.

Our work team

We have coaches, coordinators, sports directors ... (all the human resources necessary to carry out  all the events and organizations in which we are hired)

Our main feature

We stand out for our excellent and close communication with our athletes and their families since all our training sessions are programmed and designed by SAOFS, at the same time that they carry all the necessary information for them, as well as their technical-tactical projects to be developed and a personalized online 24 hours a day.

We adapt to the characteristics, levels and circumstances of each athlete so that each session is fundamental in their use and improvement of their performance.


Meet the management team

Bachelor of Business Administration and Management

UEFA B coach title

Ex- PRO Goalkeeper

Daniel Moraga

CEO / Founder

Degree in Physical Education

Professional Soccer Coach

Ex- PRO soccer player

Diego Asensi

CEO / Founder